Before your Appointment

Before your Appointment

 At Children’s Dentistry of Gales Ferry, we use kid friendly language and examples that all children can understand. We strive to make our practice an inviting, fun and welcoming place where children can receive treatment without apprehension or fear. You will find we often replace words which can potentially scare children with friendlier, non-threatening language. For example:

 Shot/ Needle: These words can quickly scare a cheerful cooperative child. We either say nothing at all, or may simply say that it’s “cold water” or “sleepy juice” to help the sugar bugs fall asleep. We then explain that the area will feel “cold”, “sleepy” and “funny” for a little while, but ensure the child that nothing has changed.

 Drill: This word can quickly make an unassuming child fearful and apprehensive. Instead, we call it our “whistling toothbrush” that has lots of water to wash off bits of food that the child may have missed when brushing their own teeth.

 Pulling, or extracting a tooth: We often replace this by simply saying we are “wiggling” their tooth because “the tooth fairy wants it back”. We may further explain that when we “wiggle” you may feel a tight “hug” or “squeeze”.

 Laughing Gas/ Nitrous Oxide: We call this “ice cream air” because of it’s sweet smell. We will often work with the child’s own imagination and allow them choose whatever flavor they want. We may also explain that the “ice cream air” may make them feel like they are flying, or it may give them the giggles.